SWV Middle School Band!


Why not join band?

Band is full of so many opportunities that you would be missing out on if you don't join! There's is marching band, honor band, and solo contests for band! You get to make new friends and experience a new thing. You also get to go to Adventureland in the spring! So why not join?

SWV Middle School Band is full of new experiences!

More about band

There are two different groups of bands. There are the sixth grade group and the seventh and eighth group! You get the option, when you are in band, to go to solo contests and honor band. Adventureland is a privilege. As long as you are behaving in all of your classes (not just band) and not failing any classes, you can go!

Southwest Valley Middle School Band!

This is the current seventh and eighth graders in band in the photo to the left!