Th Supreme Prefix


SE is the best product in the world! It's so unique that it's separated from the banal prefixes in the store. Because SE is one of a kind, it WILL stand out on your paper unlike other prefixes. Be the coolest kid in class and get SE now! :) It has the smooth curves of S and the straight lines of E. SE is clearly the best looking prefix.


SE, meaning apart, can separate you from all your school troubles. If you're scared that you're going to get a bad grade, just use the prefix SE and get an automatic 100! 99.99% of teachers loves it when students use the prefix SE in their writing. SE can make plenty of words!!


S and E were the best of friends. They always talked to each other. They would cause distraction in class and teachers just had enough. They tried to separate them one day but something magical happened. S and E got hit by lightning and they got stuck together. Now, we see S and E as SE! That's how we got the prefix SE :)