Ascension Symptoms?

Learn to Work Through Them and Find Some Ease

Spiritual Ascension Symptoms Are A Signal For Some Assistance

Whether your symptoms are emotional, mental, or physical, your symptoms are a request from one of the four bodies for some assistance and facilitation.

Much like the contractions during childbirth, with the proper tools you can learn to work WITH the energies present, in the same way you would use tools such as Lamaze and other therapies and techniques to work with the contractions, rather than focusing on the pain and contracting.

The symptoms themselves are a sign of resistance held in the body-mind.

I am offering a 12-Week Tutorial using the process of connected breathing as well as working with each of the 12 Rays in meditations that you can continue to work with and then ultimately apply to various situations.

This will be a powerful process and will not only speed up the process by helping to remove resistance, but will also begin to offer you more EASE and awareness.

The focus is not on the symptoms! The symptoms are simply your body-mind's cue for empowerment and assistance.

Enrollment Investment in You is $360 for the entire 12-Week Series.

Other packages are also available.

Both are offered via Phone or Skype..

Scheduled at a convenient time for you in the comfort of your own surroundings.