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Just a couple more weeks until Spring Break!!! Can you believe it? Come to CC on Monday and Wednesday as we work on the 2.05 Graded assignment and talk about 1950's Era America. Don't forget about the excellent extra credit opportunities in Small Group and Enrichment. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns. I am always here if you have questions or need help!

Unit 2 Notes

Use these notes to help you with your assignments and to study for your test.

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Catch-up Checklist

Here's a helpful document if you find yourself behind in the course. Full of helpful documents, notes, and study guides. You can succeed!

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The Century: America's Time - 1946-1952: Best Years

Interim Assessment (Midterm) is coming up. February 29-March 4

The U.S. History B Interim Test in USA Test Prep will open on Monday, February 29th and is due by Friday, March 4th. This assessment is for all students enrolled in U.S. History and will count as a replacement for your Unit 2 Test. Therefore, the test is required and will count as a test grade in your course.

***Come to CC on Monday, February 29th to review for this test and use the study guide below as well as your textbook to help you prepare for the test. This test will cover the New Deal through the Early Cold War (1950’s).

Click here for the study guide for the Interim Test.

Korean War
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