ASJ / SPES Newsletter

September 2022

Welcome Back!

Our entire team is happy to welcome its students for a school year filled with adventures and memorable moments. The entire staff shares a common vision: we want our students to feel cared for, safe and we motivate them to excel every day. We encourage our students to be empathetic and respectful in their daily actions.

Our school mission statement says that "we exist to create bonds with young people, then ensure that these students learn... English, academics, and also how to live a life with self-worth and integrity". This mission statement is at the core of all decisions we make for the students. We believe that students learn best when they feel a sense of belonging to their school, so we strive to create relationships with each of them. We foster community involvement, volunteerism and living with a sense of service.

As a team, we work daily to provide academic and social-emotional support to ensure that our students are succeeding.

Thank you to all staff, parents and students who helped prepare for the new school year. Together, we will make this year one of growth and accomplishments for all.

Celebrating the Beginning of the New School Year

Welcome Back Activities

ASJ Outing to 3 Monts in Coleraine

School Pictures

Smile! School pictures will be taken on September 28th. More information to come on the color of the background.

Sept. 22nd: Curriculum Night

Elementary parents: come to this education meeting with your child's teacher. Important information will be shared with regards to the curriculum and how you can best support your child's learning throughout the year.

High school parents: a revamped curriculum night meeting will be held in the Room of Champions. It will be your chance to meet the professional staff, support staff and teachers that support and interact with your children daily.

**More details to come


Please do not forget to send utensils in your child's lunch box.

If you send a water bottle to school, your child will be able to refill it at our new water stations.

You can consult our website for more details on our rules and regulations. There is important information on attendance, dress code, use of electronic devices, etc.

Rides Homes

Elementary parents: you can send a message on Class Dojo to your child's teacher before 1:00 pm.

You can also call the office before 1:00 pm if you want your child to have a ride home.

In an effort to help out our secretaries, please try to make changes no later than 1:00 pm.


Do not forget to call the school to motivate your child's absence (418-335-5366).

Governing Board AGA

On September 22nd, after curriculum night, will be the Governing Board Annual General Assembly. This meeting will be held in the Room of Champions. There are positions vacant on the Governing Board.

It is your chance to participate in:

  • helping determine the broad orientations of the school
  • making decisions that have a direct impact on students' daily lives

If you would like to learn more about the role of the Governing Board in our school, click on the following link.

Catering Service

Again this year, there will be a catering service offered by Josée Boissonneault (G2L). The menus will be distributed via the students. The meals will be served as of October 4th.

Important Dates

September 22nd: Curriculum night

September 22nd: Terry Fox Run and fundraiser

September 23rd: Ped day

September 28th: School pictures

October 3rd: Ped day

October 4th: Catering service will begin

October 10th: Holiday (Thanksgiving)

November 17th: Parent-teacher night

February 23rd: Parent-teacher night