Waco National Mammoth Parrk

By: Katelayn Vault 6th Grade Due: May 2,2016

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A construction crew at the Oregon State University has made an awesome find while working Reser Stadium.The crew stumbled upon a large femur likely from a ancient mammoth. The workers were digging in the footballs Stadium's north in zone. When they found the bones they stopped work.The workers alerted the facility's department and then the word spread to the archaeologist and anthropologists. they ran down to examine the find.Eventually the bones were moved outside the project sight so that they could examine them. There were several bones and quite a few are in good shape. The scientist are still testing to see how old the bones are .What a find.

The Effects of Mammoth Extinction On The Ecosystem

Some Scientist Believe that the extinction of the woolly mammoth may have helped to warm the climate. The mammoth helped to prune trees because their diet was large amounts of leaves and branches. They ate so many young trees that they kept North America,Europe,and Asia free of forest. When the mammoths died out there was population explosion of birch trees. Some scientist believe that this growth in trees helped warm the earth.

Other scientist believe that climate change led to the extinction of the mammoth.There was a loss in protein rich plants. That mammoths depended on for food. These plants begin to die out therefore the mammoths who depended on them began to die out to.The variety of plants is very different know since the mammoths are extinct.

Did Mammoths die because of Noah's Flood?

Mammoth extinction couldn't be the result of Noah's flood. Bible Scholars tried to figure out when the mammoths became extinct during biblical times. They believe that the mammoth must have survived Noah's flood.

The burial conditions contradict the details in the Bible during the period when water covered the earth. Animals left in water for this long would totally disintegrated. Many Bible experts believe that the mammoth died in post flood catastrophe. The continents as we know them were in place when the mammoths lived.This was the world after the flood.

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Wow! What a Great find.

This archaeological dig site has turned up many types of fossils and bones.We can learn a great deal about the animals who live during this time. They're mammoth bones fish and other reptiles.