got 3 minutes?

welcome to your daily lenten retreat

Three minutes a day can give you 24 hours of peace.

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Jurell G. Sison shares his reflection on today’s retreat:

Among the many things that hold me back from embracing God’s deep love, is, undoubtedly, myself. I forget a lot of things. In fact, I have three planners. I write everything down to remember all the tasks and appointments of my day.

But God’s love is so deep that there is no planner needed. In our creation we are automatically written down on His heart. God searches our soul and knows us. Even more, God fights for us. God remembers, always; even more than a mother and her precious Child. If we take time to remember—even if it involves a planner—God promises us a life of love, peace, and joy. God permeates our world and it is our loving response of remembering that leads us to communion with the ever living God.