iPads in the Classroom

or Tablets in the Classroom

The Next Big Thing?

The iPad is a line of tablet computers designed and marketed by Apple Inc., which runs Apple's iOS. The first iPad was released on April 3, 2010. Ever since then educational institutions have been scrambling to incorporate the Next Big Thing in technology into their classrooms. The video below highlights some of the reasons many schools are adding iPads to their technology stables.
iPads In The Classroom

Students don't realize they are learning!

What a difference a couple of years makes. The previous video was made in 2011 just one year after the introduction of the iPad. It touts the major benefit of the iPad as keeping the students engaged (or is that entertained). The following video is from early 2013 and does a better job of selling the concept of using the iPad in the classroom. It is a very professionally produced video with the major claim that students do not realize they are learning.

iPads in the Classroom
This Information Week article is a cautionary tale that any educator should read and heed before introducing iPads into the classroom. The bottom line is to make sure you know WHY you are doing it.

What can you do with it?

The single greatest selling point of the iPad to schools is the cost savings. Most textbooks are available on iPad for a fraction of the cost of traditional books.

Teachers and students can also use the iPad to interface with one another as a means of classroom management. Assignments can be explained, completed and turned in all from the iPad.

Finally there are apps already created specifically for education with hundreds more being developed each week.

Is a great website that gives you 7 ideas for using an iPad in your classroom.

More on apps

There are more than 20,000 educational apps for all kinds of learners, teaching them everything from science to sign language. Students can track their assignments, take notes, and study for finals.

Here are some samples to check out.

I included the first to show that it is not just for technology related subjects. The next two are lists of apps in an interesting format. The first has apps that can be tied to the various concepts of Bloom's Taxonomy and the following one is a more or less "essentials" list for teacher apps. The last one is a site that catalogs YouTube videos on "how to use" many of the educational apps.

Another fantastic example of using technology in a content area not normally associated with technology is Art! See below for an idea of how one university is using them.

iPads in the Classroom

Introducing iPads to the students

We think of the current generation as very tech savvy and sometimes treat them as if they were born with a computing product in their hands. However the truth is that many students especially in lower SES districts may not have much exposure to technology outside of the school. Here are a couple of great examples of how several schools have built online tutorial libraries to help students learn to use the iPads in class.

It doesn't have to be Apple!

This would not be a Steve Cowles product without an anti-Apple rant. Other schools have embraced other tablet computers for many of the same reasons. Here is one story to show that I'm not making this up. This guy actually picked a Windows based tablet after using iPads in his district.

A DED 318 Project by Steve Cowles