Sofia Joyner

The White House


The history of the White House goes back to1791. October 13,1792 was the date when the first stone was laid for the White House,it took about a year to plan and design Washington,D.C. Benjamin Banneker and Andrew Ellicot did maps, Pierre Charles L'enfant did roads and James Hoban was the designer.

White House down

In 1789 the people started calling the White House the"presidents palace".when the war was going onion 1812 the British burned the building and President James Madison and his family were forced to leave.Monroe and his family were the first to occupy the reconstructed mansion moving there in December 1817.In 1902 it was officially called the White House.


Now today the White House has 132 rooms,32 bathrooms, 147 windows and 28 fireplaces. The White House is the oldest federal building in nations capital,and is now located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.