Harlem Renaissance

By Tayy M. Toney and Antonette Brancheau

W.E.B. DuBois

  • He was a leading voice in the African American community for many years.
  • He helped found the NAACP in 1009.
  • He was the editor of "The Crisis"
  • He didn't like how African Americans were treated so he had to take a stand.

Marcus Garvey

  • He founded the UNIA
  • "Back to Africa, we have no hatred towards African Americans"
  • He was highly critical of him and he felt his organization under mind and discouraged blacks pride and self confidence.
  • The FBI charged him with male fraud. He went prison in 1925
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Art Work

  • William H. Johnson
  • Jesus and Three Marys
  • William H. Johnson focus was basically to paint about African Americans.
  • His art was important because it was showing how Harlem was. Harlem in a picture
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  • Langston Hughes
  • "Mother to Son"
  • The poem was about how him and his mother lived and telling him how it use to be.
  • Langston Hughes writings was important because he told stories about African Americans. What he been throughout his life.
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  • Billie Holiday
  • "My Man Don't Love Me"
  • She is singing about her man not loving her
  • It is one of her popular songs it consulted with females who feel there not loved by there man
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Billie Holiday - My man don't love Me


What I learned about the Harlem Renaissance wa