Civil Rights Movement


Civil rights summary of it all.

The blacks and the whites not being able to go to the same school, be on the same sidewalk or even live in the same neighbhoorhood was kind of going to far and some people were done being unequal with the rest of the population or having to be put into a poverty strikin area. It was time to put up a fight and get what was deserved, for everybody to be treated equally. Rosa Parks, Marthin Luther King Jr, and Tommie Smith & John Carlos i feel have mad the biggest impact on it all.

Compare & Contrast

These three people had alot in common, they all wanted the same things, they had the same dreams and they all wanted to help their people out on being able to be treated the same. But they were different as well. They all had their own different stradiges and would go about them there own way. Rosa Parks beileved being arrested for what she was fighting for would show everyone else that fighting for whats you think should be right isnt something to be affraid of. Eventually they will get what they deserve. Martin Luther would give a bunch of different speeches to influence people.