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Matthew is a curious boy that is in 7th grade. He has a sister named Courtney. He has many friends but doesn't really like this one boy, Larry who is a neighbor. Matthew is a person who has language problems. He is also a big and brave boy who will fight for what he believes in. He always sticks up for his family especially his sister. He will not let anybody harm his family or friends. He is loyal to everyone that has respect for his family. He is a kind boy and he is my favorite character. He is the protagonist of the story.


Courtney is a seven year old second grader who is totally inverse of her brother, Matthew. She is a good and kind girl but always hides behind her family because she gets scared easily. But she is always loyal to people of the town and especially her brother. She looks up to him with pride. She always says she wants to be as brave as him someday. Courtney also sticks up for what she believes in but not as much as Matthew. That is because she is scared to get in trouble. She is the supporting character of the story.
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Lulu is a babysitter for Matthew and Courtney. She started out as a nice girl. She is a pretty teenager who always whips her hair back and forth. She has an attitude and thinks she is all that. She seems nice at first but then her bad side came out. She makes voodoo doll cookies of the neighbors that Matthew and Courtney do not like. Whatever happens to the cookie is what happens to the person that the cookie was made for. Lulu makes cookies of Matthew and Courtney next. She is evil! She is the antagonist of the story.
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The theme of The Bad Babysitter is to never trust a stranger. Matthew and Courtney's parents trusted their babysitter who was recommended to them. They had never met her and left their two precious children with her. She was a psychopath and very dangerous. I came to understand to never trust a stranger because you never know what might happen!


The setting of The Bad Babysitter was a cold, rainy, and spooky night at Matthew and Courtney's house. Matthew was in seventh grade and Courtney was in second grade. The story was mainly set inside their kitchen as they created and baked their mud dolls alongside a pycho babysitter. The story was told from Matthew's perspective as a grown up man. He is remembering his past.
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I picked the gingerbread cookie. It represents the people. If we didn't have that then there would not be a story.
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Book Recommendation

I would recommend this book to others. It is a good book and always made me want to keep reading and never stop. It is also a creepy book to read. It sort of gave me the chills. Overall, it was a great book that everyone should read. The only thing that I didn't like was the end of the story. It just left you there like hanging off a cliff. It was a cliffhanger!