Presidential Election

Barack Obama Vs. Mitt Romney


Obama's Goals

Creating American jobs

Support manufacturing of the American auto industry

Cut middle-class taxes

Keep current health care plan

Romney's Goals

Cut middle-class taxes

Change the current health care plan

Poll Numbers

Obama with 49% and Romney with 48%

The numbers very depending on the website, like on the Gullup Poll Romney is ahead. In the past, the candidate ahead on the Gallop has always won.

Closing thoughts

I believe that Romney will win the election. Reasons for this are the debt that Obama has put us in. Another reason is Obama's health care plan. People didn't have a choice for his plan and it has many issues, including the dramatic rise in cost. Romney was a business man and I believe that he can help us out of our debt. He also wants to change the current health care plan, which I believe will be popular with a lot of people.