The Myth of The Idea

Event Book Launch, Madrid

Prof. Newton Campos, Ph.D.

Did you know that one of the biggest problems that both entrepreneurs and professionals working for corporations face is not the absence of ideas, but rather how to select those with higher probability to succeed? How can you become more innovative by changing your mindset while mapping your execution capabilities?

Under current entrepreneurship trends, ideas become commodities, while Entrepreneurial Behavior becomes a must-have skill not only to founders of new businesses but also to managers pursuing careers in large companies.

We invite you to discuss the latest and most advanced topics within the Entrepreneurship field with Prof. Newton M. Campos from IE Business School, an international expert in the field. From Design Thinking to Effectuation and from Open Innovation to Lean Startup, business founders as well as business managers will learn how Entrepreneurship is revolutionizing innovation practices in the beginning of this century.

LANGUAGE: Event will be conducted in English, with questions accepted in Spanish.
TICKETS: Limited to 100 people, first come first served basis (via Eventbrite).
AGENDA: 30m Presentation + 30m Debate + 30m Book Signing & Networking.
PRICE: Free of charge with name on the list (via Eventbrite).

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Monday, June 6th, 7:30pm

31 Calle de MarĂ­a de Molina

Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid