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NTH@C 2018-2019

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You now have your own personal account for our APHuG textbook, The Cultural Landscape, an Introduction to Human Geograpy, 11th Edition by J. Rubenstein. Below are the directions of how to signup for your account.

Step 1 & 2

Go to the website: www.pearsonschool.com/access

Enter the letters 'SS' in the box and click the Enter Code button

Step 3 & 4

  • Click on Covered Titles
  • Click on Social Studies
  • Click on Rubenstein 11th Edition for the text
  • Click on link for Student Registration

Step 5

Read and accept Pearson's License Agreement and Privacy Policy

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Step 9 & 10: On Screen Confirmation and Login

Confirm your account. You will get an email that you will confirm and keep if you need later to login. Your account expires in June. Do not make multiple accounts for yourself, I will delete any accounts that I do not recognize as a learner in my class.

Login to your account update browser apps as needed such as shockwave, flash, etc...

Login using this website


This is now the website you will use, save this to your bookmarks

Your Next Step: First Assignment

You have an assignment to complete, the tutorial on how to use your online textbook. This will be an Agency grade and will be based on time and total completion. Click the assignment tab in the online textbook to begin.