Events Leading up to the Civil War

Major Events

The Compromise of 1850

The compromise gave Texas 10 million dollars to make Texas's border what it is today. They would not let slave trade in Washington D.C. anymore and let the slaves continue to work in the South. Another law was the Fugitive Act which made all the North give all the slaves back to the rightful owner from the underground rail road. If they could not prove they were there owners they would be free and not work on the plantations. They would keep having a Compromise until war broke out between the North and the South.

Fugitive Act

It was apart of the compromise of 1850. If they captured a slave in the North they would have to take it back to the South. Before not many people in forced the law but then they but is on the Compromise of 1850 and they had to in force it. This gave the Federal government rights to deputize citizens against there will. The court could not determine if he was a slave or not. A commissioners who come in and hear the testimony. The slave did not get to testify only the owner or the claimed owner. They also sent back free born slaves. This made the not slaves that were sent back very mad.

The Dred Scott Decision

This case was he wanted his freedom after his owner died and his wife took over. Dred Scott did not like her and so that started an uprising towards the Civil War. Mr. Scott did not like being hired out that was why they were happy when the husband was owner. He even tried to buy his freedom but he was dined. He then went to court and lost the first trail because of gossip and roamers. But the judge had a second trail and he was free with him and his family. This made the South more angry and wanted to start a war.

The Kansas-Nebraska Act

They wanted to join the U.S. but they could not due to what was happening with the arguments. The U.S. could not deiced if they should come in as a slave state or a free state. The people said they should pick for them selves. They started fighting and this was known as the "Bloody Kansas" this was one step closer to the Civil War. They wanted them to be free states because it was to cold and bad soil for farming. If they joined as a free state then there would be more free states and that would be bad for the south. Kansas joined as a slave state then later asked to join the United States of America. Then the congress said no. The Missouri compromise said anything above it was a free state.

John Brown's Raid

He thought he could attacked the U.S Federal Arsenal to get guns and try to help free some slaves. Then they would get slaves and abolitionists to attack slave owners and free slaves. He spent about most of his life he freed slaves through the under ground rail road and then sent them to Canada to hide. Then he made plans to attack the Arsenal to get guns. But his plan to free slaves did not work because the , Civil War had just began. Even though it had began he still tried. So he captured prisoners and got Gorge Washington's great grand nephew. Then he went to a town and the town people shot most of his men. Then he later got captured and had a court trail. That would put an end to trying to free slaves. Then that was the start of the Civil War.