Art Collaborative Team

September 28th, February 1st, & April 26th

9:00am - 3:00pm

Our CESA 10 Art Teacher Collaborative team meets throughout the year to focus on the craft of teaching art. We will continue our work around the WI Standards for Art and Design with a focus on assessment. Plan to experience presentations from various community artists and/or art professionals, possible field trips to art relevant establishments, and share successful classroom instructional units/projects with each other. We look forward to continuing these learning experiences together again in 2022-23! We are better together!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will create and establish professional relationships with other educators in their field.
  • Participants will contribute and consider the contribution of others to the collaborative team.
  • Participants will create a common goal with other participants for the collaborative team.

This workshop is offered at no additional cost to those districts participating in Universal School Improvement Services (Discount will be automatically applied.) including: Abbotsford, Bloomer, Bruce, Chippewa Falls, Colby, Eau Claire, Eleva-Strum, Flambeau, Gilman, Gilmanton, Granton, Greenwood, Ladysmith, Lake Holcombe, Loyal, Mondovi, Neillsville, New Auburn, Osseo-Fairchild, Owen-Withee, Spencer, and Thorp.

The cost for all other participants will be $500 per workshop.