Because we are the ones that creates all the trash that is affecting our world, and not only is our world is the one of the animals and plants, so we have the option to change and protect it or keep ignoring it, because animals or plants don't have option humans yes, so we have to accept our actions and live with consequences and solve it. If we want to destroy our race is ok, but we aren't alone so we must be responsible of it and recycle for a better world.


As I said before we have to protect the other species, but it brought us some benefits like economic, right and example could be the alternative energy, if we use it we protect the planet and produce even more energy, so there will be lower, economy will rise; other example could be that when we recycle the paper we will not need to cut more trees and use explosives and dangerous machines, so it will be better for industries and the planet; when we recycle the things like the technology garbage we will protect the planet and it will be not need to produce more of this parts so we don't need to produce them again.

At last there are many economic benefits but if you don't want to protect the animals do it for yourself.


The benefits are infinite but Ill give some examples like: the improve in the healthy of the people because we recycle we will have less garbage so the people will be healthier and less exposed to the contamination and the environment will be healthier; other example will be the air; recycle will degree the contamination so the air will be healthier for us, plants and animals; other example will be sea recycle could improve the marine environments protecting animals from garbage and their death; Other is the recycle of papers so they will not need to cut more trees and they will be save.


I have learn that is a city conscience of their actions and have make decisions to improve their life, and they keep like the same but much healthier, one of their ways to care nature that impress me is the cafe, their life are the same is the same coffee the same books, but all they do is changing the machines and the cups small things that can make a huge difference; Other will be the cinema the Man that is owner introduce the classic ones and it keeps being the same and even better; the cars, even when the have cars they tried to introduce them into a healthier way.So its a pretty good city.