Sadye, A Writer

12 year old writer

I'm a Writer Who

Loves to write about real life experiences and mysteries and funny stories. I do not like writing not real things and poems. I like writing if I can right about the stuff I want to write about. I feel strong about writing and I don't feel strong about somethings.

Memorable Experience

I chose this experience because I was writing a mystery story. And i thought it was going great. But before I started to write I brained stormed ideas and that really helped. What I took away from this was that a mystery can be really good if u put some effort into it and brainstorm first.


  • Getting better at putting the right punctuation in sentences
  • Write more dialogue
  • Write more complete sentences
  • Write more poems

About Me

I love playing tennis and football and volleyball. I have two dogs and a brother who is in fourth grade. I love cooking and baking. I like going to the beach and the lake and my grandparents house.