Blogging Challenge 6!

October 2013 is nearing it's end...

Home Cooking is BIG in my Family!

My Great Grandma Smith was an amazing cook but she's been forgetting a lot and now, she can't cook. People in our family try to get as good as she was by taking home a recipe or two but since grandma can't teach it, they can't learn it. But hey, it's still pretty good!

My Grandma Kathy...

This is a whole other story! She's been living with an Italian family for a long time! (She married into them.) Man, can she make a mean dish of lasagna and spaghetti! My sister wants to learn how to make it and since grandma's pretty far away, I'm fine with that! We aren't exactly sure where she got the recipe, she may have even made it herself, but we know, it's good food!

We also have some great cookin' on my Mom's side!

My Grandma Eileen makes the BEST homemade macaroni and cheese ever! She got the amazing recipe from my Great Grandma Hatfield. If you already haven't noticed, recipes don't travel to far in our family because we experiment with and make our own recipes.