Xavier's Obituary

Xavier Xenos ~ May he rest in peace

By Balwant S.

X. Hodsonae

Lived 0.781 million years to 1.806 million years ago

During the Calabrian Pleistocene Era

A Little About Xavier

Xenosmilus, otherwise known as the “foreign knife”, is the most powerful big cat ever to exist. Xavier has been specially studied by scientists, and they believe that Xavier had broad shoulders, muscular legs, and thick canine teeth. They think that he could take down any opponent! Because of his unique features, it is unclear what group of cats he belongs to. However, because of his teeth, Xavier was placed in the Machairodontinae group of cats.

Where Xavier was found

The foreign knife's amazing life has been estimated to be alive throughout the Calabrian time period of the Pleistocene era on Earth. He may seem old to you, but he's only 1,806,000 years old! Xavier's bones have been found in southern Florida, but many of his species lived in the plains of North America.

More About Xavier

Xavier was a bit over weight so he weighed about 881 pounds. His family described him as a 6 foot tall beauty. Not only that, but they said the only thing he ate was meat, nothing else! His cousin Sammy, the Smilodon (died tragically) was always jealous of Xavier. Mainly because Xavier was stronger.

Xavier wasn't as popular as Sammy, but Xavier was so much cooler in my opinion. For example, he had amazing canine teeth. The way Xavier died is unclear, but he is more missed than any other cat.

Funeral for Xavier

Wednesday, April 1st 2020 at 10am to Tuesday, April 1st 3056 at 10:15am

23 Kongens gate

Oslo, Oslo

**If you want a piece to remember him, such as his bones, the payment is $2,000,000.00

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