Tathra Beach Closed

Australian Woman Mauled by Shark

Early Thursday Morning,

Christine Armstrong of 63 years old was taking a regular early swim like she does everyday. The lifeguard on duty had been told several times that there was a sighting of a 10 foot shark, but ignored it. Soon after, they saw a struggling woman 320 ft from shore in the water, but it was already too late. Christine Armstrong had been swimming at this beach for the last 14 years. Reports say they have found Armstrong's goggles and swim cap off shore just west of Tathra beach.

"I used to never go to bed without kissing or or waking up kissing her, now there's no one there" Mr.Armstrong, husband of Christine Armstrong of 44 years says. Even though this is such a great tragedy, the family and her surf team are trying to stay optimistic, and not mourn.

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