Techie News

November 18

Big Creek Won the RBM of Atlanta Mini- Grant!!! :)

We won $2000 to help start renovations in the media center! We are very excited to get this project kick started in our library! :)

Optional Tech Meeting this Wednesday during Planning

Location: room 187

When: during your planning time

What: information on helpful apps/websites for technology integration :)

*Hope to see everyone there!

iPad Meeting: Monday, December 2nd

Please be reminded to never respond to phishing emails! :)

Here are a few reminders to keep in mind:

· Use caution opening any emails from unknown addresses. Do not open if it looks suspicious or you do not recognize or expect it.

· Never open an attachment or click on a link from an email of unknown origin.

· Never respond to an email or web page/form by providing your FCSS username or password or other personal information.

· The district or Technology Department never sends out emails asking for a user’s account credentials.

· Pay attention to the email address (Even if we did request passwords via email, one from Forsyth’s “Administrative Team” requesting your password wouldn’t be from anywhere other than

· Pay attention to the website URL (Your bank’s page for example will be, not ttp://

· Any users who does open an attachment or page and gets a pop-up that indicates a possible virus or malware needs to shut down and report it.

· If in doubt, ask someone.