Bamboo crazy Pandas!!!!


Gaint Pandas live in the mountians of Southwest China.

They lived there because that’s where the bamboo growed and bamboo is mostly what pandas eat. A few thousand years ago, pandas lived in other parts of China. But the bamboo started drying up. Because the bamboo was drying up the pandas moved higher up into the mountains because that is where the bamboo growed. A while after people began clearing those mountains for farms. The bamboo was chopped down. So the pandas moved even higher in the mountains. Now it is the only place where giant pandas live in the wild.

Pandas can communicate in many different ways.

Giant pandas use their noses to smell messages from other pandas who want to tell them something. One way pandas communicate is one panda rubs it’s back on a tree leaving a sticky liquid so when another panda comes he can smell it. When pandas smell the liquid on a tree, they can tell how long ago another panda was there, and if it was a male or a female. Giant pandas also communicate by making noise. To find each other they yip, bark, and they even moo.

A pandas life cycle is simmilar to a humans life cycle.

A week after a panda is born it begins to get black and white fur. In a month it is covered with fur. Now it looks like a panda. Five or six weeks later the baby panda starts to open it’s eyes. When his eyes open he starts to learn how to crawl. After this the cub grows quickly. In about three months it is two feet long and weighs twelve pounds. Most of the time, the mother panda plays with the cub. She lets it climb all over her. In five months the cub can walk with it’s mom. At this time it starts to eat bamboo.


Pandas live in only one place in China. They also communicate in many odd ways. A pandas life cycle is also very interesting to learn about.