Pretty little liars

Sara Shepard


Ali, Spencer, Emily, Aria and Hanna are best friends in 7th great. One day they had a sleep over at Spencer's house. All of them were in the barn where they were going to sleep in. At one moment they realize that Ali was gone. They tried to find her but they couldn't.

Now 3 years later (Ali is still missing) the girls have no contact to each other.

Emily got to know Maya (who lived in Ali's old house) Maya forced her to skip swimming and Emily got in big trouble for that. Aria came back from Finland and fall in love with a guy (Ezra) later she realized that he is her new english teacher. Hanna stole a bracelet from Tiffany's. Spencer met Melissa's (her sister) boyfriend (Wren) and fall in love with him.

At the moment when every one saw their problem (Emily skipped practice, Aria realized that the guy she loved is her teacher, Hanna was at the police station and Spencer kissed Wren) they got an text from A. This person remembered everything from 3 years ago.

They got this messages often and after a wile they thought that the person "A" is Ali. But was that possible?

At the end of the book the girls were together again and talked about Ali. Everyone was sure that "A" was Ali. But in that moment the Police fond her. She was buried in her old garden and dead for years.

Now the next question is, who is A?

The last sentence is a text from A again."I'm still here. and know everything! A"

The characters


Hanna is (of cause) a junior on the Rosewood Day high school too. She always ate a lot but after her dad called her pig she throws up after she eats. The other thing is that she steals. First is was the bracelet from Tiffany's and than the car from her boyfriend after he broke up with her and this is her secret

What I liked about the book

I really liked the story. It was about girls in my age and about their problems. I know that I would react different but that doesn't matter in that book.

Sara Shepard wrote the book so good that I read it in a week (and I don't really like reading) The book was short and the chapters too. I could really feel what they thought and how they feel. It was addicting and I just love it. I can't explain why or what I loved just read the book!!

What I didn't liked about the book

I really liked the book but the only thing that I didn't really liked was that every chapter was about a different person. If at the end of a chapter happened something special you had to read 3 other chapters before you are at the same person. I mean that is good because than you read more but it was kind of disturbing.