By: Nicole Perry

What is Drama?

Drama is a demonstration of a story acted out for an audience. There are two types of this performance, tradgedy and comedy. Tragedy is usually a sad story which ends sad and usually stars a tragic hero with a tragic flaw. Comedy is a happy story, usually a romantic one, which can star basically anyone for the lead. They all have a plot line which consists in the order of; Exposition, Complications, Climax and Resolution.

Types of Stages

The stage is the area where the act or show is performed. Anywhere can be a stage but they have certain types of stages. The thrust stage is a most times elevated stage surrounded three ways filled with people, Shakespear's plays were performed on thrust stages, Proscenium stages are elevated stages over one large area filled with audience members, most modern plays are now performed here. Then there are "in the round" stages which are stages on level with the audience surrounding it at all angles.

Set up

The play can be tweaked by many factors in many ways to form a production, such as lighting effects, set design, costumes, and props. Without many of these needed factors, the play could easily become mediocre with gaps in scenes. The changes in a production may be detailed or minimal but it has a great effect either way.


No matter what play your watching, speaking or cummunicating is a large addition to drama. whether its dialogue between people, a monologue given by one, soloquily, or even asides. The play or show needs communication between the actors or one's self.