RJ #15 - Week of April 22, 2015

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I am happy that we are doing a reading journal. We haven't done on in a long time! I have missed doing them. Probably the only one but I am eager to see if I am improving in them and I can't see if I am if we haven't done one such a in a long time so I am happy epically since I have been reading more than I usually do and I really want to talk about the book I am reading. So anyways here is my reading journal.

Question #1

The book that I am currently reading is Finale. The genre of this book is fantasy. This is the last book of the Hush Hush series. The author of this book is Becca FitzpatrickI know that because there are fictional characters in it like fallen angles. Another reason how I know this book is fantasy is that there is always like these battles at the end of the other books and I am 100% sure that this book is going to have a battle too. So far this would be my second favourite book in this series. This is my favourite to least favourite book in this series. Silence, Finale, Crescendo and then Hush Hush. I am planning to finish this book today.


I can connect to the way how the main character Nora feels right now in the book. Right now she feels like she feels like to give up and think that she can't do it. I can connect to this because there are many times when I felt I couldn't do something. An example when something like that happened is when doing the Mini Musical. This may not be as big as what Nora feels like she cant do but I still felt like I couldn't do it and thought it was impossible. I was like how are we going to create our own mini musical. It was hard but it was also a lot of fun in my opinion. I don't think that Nora will have fun doing her task which is to make sure Dante doesn't take over her job into leading the Nephilim army to war if he does that Nora and her mother will both die because of a blood oath she swore will Hank Miller. I basically feel like things are impossible when at school when doing a project or when answering a question. Taking it step by step helps a lot because you don't want to rush and do everything all at once because I think that is making more confusing for yourself. I think that is what Nora will do to make it easier to herself. I just realized that when writing the connection to this I have made some inferences too.

Another connection that I can make to this book is that you can't always have it your way. first. Another example is letting Patch go alone to get the antidote from when she got stabbed with a knife. She wanted to go with him but didn't because he left when she got distracted with Marcie Millers. I have many examples from my life when I didn't get it my way MANY times. I usually don't get it my way when I work in group or just one person. I tend to argue to get my way but that doesn't really work. Like for example this may be a small thing but this is still an example. Debbie and I every single time we are working together and we have to use a marker we fight over what shade of purple to use. Since she is usually the one who is writing she uses the lighter shade of purple than the darker shade of purple so she gets her way for that. Another example is the mini musical. Our group were always arguing which idea we wanted to use and how we wanted it to be. So sometimes the way I wanted the mini musical got declined from my group. So I didn't always have my way only sometimes.


I infer that Nora will defeat Dante and declare war on the fallen angles and get her way and win and everything will be ok. The reason why I think that is because this is the last book of the series so everything is most likely to turn all right. This is my first inference and is lame so I have another one I think.

My second inference which I hope/think is better is that...I don't know. I really wish this was not the last book in the book and I didn't have only a few chapter left to read. Ok my inference is that they will kill Dante because if they didn't he would probably come for revenge. I also think that her mother and Nora will not die because if the main character dies in the end of the book well that's sad. I really think that nothing bad is going to happen. Normally in a book when a character might day you will know because the person soon gets ill or something like that. Also I think that some how Nora's mom is going like Patch. I think that because Nora can't really can't keep her relationship from Patch because I think they are really deeply in love. This is basically the same thing as my first inference just better because I explained myself more. So I think this is better.

Question #2

I have read 29 books so far this year. I am proud of how many books I have read. In the beginning of the year I was like NOOO I am not going to be able to read that many books. That has changed because before it took me a week or a little bit more to read a book that is about 250 pages now I am able to read a book that is like a little over 400 pages in 3-4 days. I am amazed by myself. I think that changed because I have spent way more time reading so yes I am proud that I have read that many books. To reach my goal of 40 books I am going keep reading about 100-200 pages at home. So I read about two 400 pages books a week. Also I will finish reading the other genres I have to read like autobiography/biography I have a book in mind that I want to read for that genre. I want to finish those genres because most book I have in mind for reading that is pretty short. After reading the other genres I have left I will go back to reading the books that really want to read.