Grade 2 Qur'an & Islamic studies

Newsletter #2: How the world works UOI 5

What We Learned This Unit?


I'm so proud of my 2nd-grade students because they do a geat job in this UOI. They all memorized surah Al-Balad, they know well about the great meaning of this Ayat, and the most amazing thing was that they were so cooperative, and helping each other before the test to show a great performance to the teacher. May Allah guide them to the right way.


  • التاء المربوطة والتاء المفتوحة ( Closed and open Ta'a).

  • Memorize Surat Al-Balad.
  • Review from Surat Ash-shams to Surat An-Nas.


  • Surat Al-Mulk.
  • Practicing reading from different Surahs.


  • Write Surat Al-Balad in the journal and recognize the letters.

    • The general meaning of Surat Al-Balad.

Here is the link of the Surah that we memorized, it will be helpful if they listen it to review:

Islamic studies


Because we are so close to the month of Ramadan, our kids should learn about fasting and practice fasting (as they could). In this UOI we learned about:

  • Fasting, what is it like? what is the purpose of fasting? How can we do it in a correct way?


  • Angels and what they do?
  • The differences and similarities between the angels and human.


  • Study this Hadith " المرء على دين خليله فلينظر أحدكم من يخالل".
  • How we choose our friends?
  • What is the beauty?
  • Observing the good qualities of our friends.