Expository Essay Breakdown

The Four Step Planning Process

Look at your topic you will be explaining!

How to plan:

1. Define-Define your definition of the topic.

2. Remember-Remember an experience or two in your life that you can relate back to the topic.

3. Application-Apply the topic to the "real world". How does this topic affect music, movies, schools, politics, or anything big in the world?

4. So What?- Why is this important? Why does it matter?

How to Write Your Essay:

Your Introduction: The best parts of your "Define It".

Your Thesis Statement: The original thought that comes from your "So What".

Your body paragraph(s): The best parts of your "Remember it" and/or "Connect It".

Your Conclusion: The best part of your "So What".

How to Break Up Your Time:

Spend 3-4 minutes on each of the four planning modes.

(Define, Remember, Application, So What?)

Spend 3-4 minutes going back to reread and highlight the best parts of your 4 modes. They should connect nicely.

Spend 10-15 minutes to take your highlighted portion and write a rough draft.

Take 5 minutes to edit your rough draft by checking for grammar (fragments, run-ons), punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.

Spend 7-10 minutes to write a final draft.

Tips from Mrs. Brazell:

Don't skip the planning and rough draft.

Stay inside the STAAR box. Anything outside the box will not be graded.

Do not write like you talk. We want to avoid slang and contractions.

Expository Group Assignment

In your groups, you will be responsible for planning and writing an Expository essay to the following prompt:

In a complete essay, explain how teens can help make their school a better place.

Start with the Define it, Remember it, Apply it/Connect it, and So What.

When you finish planning, come up with a strong opening sentence and thesis statement. Write them at the bottom of your colored poster and I will come check them.

Example of how to lay out your poster is below.