Popular Native American Food

By Chris Johnson and Hayley Musgrave

Fry Bread

Frybread was created by the Navajo in 1864, which was made using flour, sugar, salt and lard given to them by the U.S. government.

Frybread is a flat dough fried or deep-fried in oil shortening, or lard. Which is usually leavened by soured milk, baking powder.


Succotash was popular during the Great Depression, due to the fact that it was inexpensive and that the ingredients were more readily available.

The dish consists of canned, frozen, or fresh sweet corn variety and lima beans or other shell beans. Might also have tomatoes and green or sweet red peppers included in the dish.

Corn Bread

Corn bread was popular during the American Civil War due to the fact that it was very cheap and could be made in many different forms high rising, fluffy loaves or simply fried.

Cornbread is usually baked or fried, but it is also rarely steamed. Steamed cornbread is mushy and chewy like cornmeal pudding. Baked cornbread, Corn pone, Johnny cakes and Hushpuppies are all types of Cornbread.