The Stars among us! By: Nate Byrd 4th hour

Basic Information


- Study our solar system and other universes

- Study planets and what's on the planets

- Paid anywhere from $51,000 to $170,000

- Work in big research facilities like NASA

- Work long hours

- They get to travel

- Research outdoors at night or in observatories

- Work in teams or independently

- Work is very repetitive

- Occasionally help design robots for the planets

Pros & Cons


- Potential to earn a high salary

- Work near coastal areas because it tends to be warmer and easier to see planets

- A lot of flexibility to research your interests


- PhD is required so a lot of schooling is needed

- Mostly work at night because you can't see planets during the day time

- Long work hours may be required

Path to Success

High School Classes

- Calculus

- Physics

- Chemistry

- Statistics and probability


College Courses





Colleges for Astronomers

Beloit College (WI)



Address: 700 College St. Beloit, WI 53511

Pros & Cons


- 19 different sports teams so plenty of teams to choose from

- 50+ majors so there is lots of diversity

- Smaller class sizes


- Not located near big cities

- Division III so it's not as well known

- Small school so not as many clubs to join

University of Michigan (MI)



Address: 500 S. State Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Pros & Cons


- Large school with lots of diversity

- Lots of clubs to join so you can find a new passion

- Divsion I school that is highly respected


- Big campus so navigation could be difficult

- Very cold in winter so you have to bundle up

- Lots of students so events may be crowded

Indiana University (IN)



Address: 107 S. Indiana Avenue Bloomington, IN 47405

Pros & Cons


- Multiple observatories so you can have more opportunities

- Top notch sports programs

- Lots of shops and restraunts near campus


- Large school with lots of students

- Potential to have large class sizes

- Longer travel to school

Associations & Organizations

American Aeronautical Society



Address:2000 Florida Ave., NW, Suite 300 Washington DC 20009, USA

Telephone: (202)20328-2010

Astronomical Society



Address: 390 Ashton Avenue, San Fransico, CA 94112

Telephone: 415-337-1100

Job Advertisment

If you love researching and finding new things about planets then astronomy is for you!

Astronomers get to study and research planets, stars and much more about space and our universe!

They get to help plan missions to the moon and other planets!

They get to use big tools like giant telescopes so they can see planets and moons!

They have lots of freedom when they are on the job

They even get to travel

So if you love astronomy become an astronomer today!

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