Wildlife Biologist

An Eco Friendly Job For Me!!

Job Description/ Duties

A Wildlife Biologist is a scientist who would study living organisms such as humans, plants, animals, and environments. It would be my job to research and find new information about animals, plants, and event human beings.

Environment Relationship

Wildlife Biologist usually work outdoors in fields or swamps gathering information and studying animals in their natural habitats. This job doesn't hurt any animals or ruin any environments.

Salary: $57,430 per year $27.61 per hour

Educations: Bachelors- entry level Master's Degree- advanced level PhD- independent research

Advantages and Disadvantages

Some advantages are that I would get paid to work with animals. You get paid a decent amount for doing what I love. It is said that Wildlife Biologist's are outside somewhere between 60%-80% of the day.

Some disadvantages are that I would have to work full time, which isn't that bad, and I would have to go to college for at least 6 years.

Interesting Facts

Wildlife Biologist's frequently work for government agencies, university research departments, and private companies.