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Co Founder's Note | Mohammed Zeeshan #TheBaap

Hola Climbers !

The last one month saw us get back to operations and saw many new entities being formed !

We saw the initiation of project Wise in Nagpur and some amazing stuff pulled off on 26th Jan.

A few additions on the executive board, I'd love to welcome Ruhan, Director Marketing , Madhurima - Director Expansions , Rahul Varma - Director Expansions and LnD.

A big shout out to the new Executive Board of The Climber !

I warmly welcome NIT Trichy and VIT Vellore to our family !

I hope the following week sees many more teens being connected to our mentoring program !

All the best to Chennai to start the new event and all the best to Ayush to reorganize bangalore and lead it.

All the best !

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The Climber's Existence, Today!

  • Bangalore
  • Chennai
  • Delhi
  • Manipal University
  • National Institute of Technology, Tiruchunapalli
  • Nagpur
  • Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore
  • Visakhapatnam

Entity Updates *woot woot*


  • Campus Ambassador set-up in 12 colleges in Delhi.
  • New team formation.
  • Event called 'Kickstarter' happening in April.
  • MyCaptain Updates : 10 connections.


  • WISE project Initiated.
  • Mega event with AIESEC in Nagpur being planned for August.

  • Recruitment is going on for a new team.


  • Planning for an event for 150 people with three different themes.
  • MyCaptain Updates : 16 new connections.


  • Organized a two tier activity on 26th Jan i.e. Cleanliness and Plantation drive in association with LEAP -the environmental club of NIT-Trichy.
  • MyCaptain updates : 16 registration with 5 connections.


  • Organized activities under the theme "My Country, My Passion" on 26th Jan'16.
  • Expecting collaboration with clubs and NGOs namely ,SEDS-VIT, Anokha, Juvenile Care CLub,Music Club,Dance Club at VIT campus.
  • Plans to involve and collaborate with Toastmasters, United I Foundation as well as Start-up Street.
  • Hosting recruitments.


  • Titanium, organised an event, ASHA at the Larrence Charitable Trust, Chennai.
  • Setting up Campus Ambassador in MOP, Stella Maris, Hindustan University and Sri Venkateswara college.
  • Event coming up in April with theme "Inspiration Live Upfront" where mentors will be inspiring a crowd of 750-900 with their success stories.
  • 10 new people added to the Chennai chapter.

Kudos Corner | Yayyyy | When are you featuring here??

National Executive Board

Performers of the Month

Upcoming newsletters will have individual recognition for MyCaptain and Events and Aseem work. Most performing Entity and EB members will be featuring on the same.

Let's KickAss!! :D

Adieu Nayana V.

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National Design Head, The Climber

Nayana, a true creative at heart. Student of MIT-D, Pune joined Climber at its very beginning. Giving this change-maker start-up its face value, she is credited with re-designing the logo of The Climber. Her contribution towards each issue of the Inking pages is unparalleled. Significant contribution in design material towards the growth of the organization had been her work profile. She left the Climber family on 31st Jan'16 to explore avenues and take up new challenges.

Thank you Nayana for your service towards Climber. We wish her all the best for her upcoming ventures!

Republic Day | A Glimpse

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The Climber was started with the motive of driving a change. A change in mindset, lifestyle and opinions. We wanted to change the way people settled for a profession without pursuing their passion. The main motto has always been to develop personalities, futuristic leaders and build the nation one person at a time.

Keeping this spirit intact, we are proud to release the much awaited Republic day campaign that each city has taken up as their initiative.

We talk about driving change, being passionate and being unique.

So here is our chance to put ideas into action. Read away! :)

Special shout out to Chennai and VIT Vellore for pulling off a killer event!



Director- Events

Chennai | Republic Day Event

asha - Initiative by the Climber.

VIT Vellore | Republic Day Event

My Country,My passion | VIT vellore | The Climber

Now.... A moment of Silence Please! :P

Before you scroll down further, a small question to all of you who joined The Climber 3 months back.......

Being an external, I've always seen The Climber as a boon to the society, a ray of light in the darkness of our education system. A start-up not formed for minting money, but an organization changing the dynamics of this society through it's Values and Principles.

Standing as a change maker and showing its true mettle, it has proved itself time and again, be it the Tata First Dot Nationals or the Incubation at IIM Bangalore or the great line-up of Advisors on Board just instilled this blinded faith inside me that The Climber is gonna make it big, bigger than ever!

Here we are, a set of individuals, 17-22 years old, dreaming of changing the country and making this world a better place to live in. Each of us have put in our heart and soul to this very belief that we shall be the Change Agent to this society and the face of Youth.

Now.... Just look back at the Updates that I have received from each and every entity.

Give it a minute's thought...

What happened to "#Aim4Awesome"

What happened to "#OhCaptainMyCaptain"

What happened to "#MediocrityIsLame". Have we started to actually embrace the fact that we are mediocre and we will stay mediocre?

"Starting Strong is Good. Finishing Strong is EPIC" - Robin Sharma.

I believed The Climber always did Epic Shit.

Believe me, we are a cult in the society as of now. Everyone looks up to The Climber for the greater good it does, and can do to this society. No strings attached.

We just need to understand the fact that mediocrity is no more the solution and never the way ahead.

Shout out to The Entity Heads, The Executive Body, each and every member of the Family.

It's #nowornever. Let's do this?

We would like to see each and everyone of you featuring on the next newsletter which will be out soon! :) Also, exciting gifts and rewards coming your way, for the most performing ones!

The next newsletter we'll be sending is gonna be filled with great numbers and way more awesome updates!



Director LnD

So be a part of the Likes Campaign

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Saturday 9.00 pm 6th Feb'16

We are having a "likes campaign" on this Saturday. I want you guys to invite all your Facebook friends to like The Climbers Facebook page. Even if each one of you is only able to get 20 likes, we'll still have 1000+ likes, which is not bad; though more can be expected (given that how awesome we all are).

And those of you who are on twitter, we'd want you to tweet about the Facebook page and get people to retweet about it. You can also use WhatsApp to spread the link to our page. But we need results.So please do so.

Use #theclimber and #mycaptain while spreading the word around.

While Acknowledging the mail mention the number of likes you can get to the climber page. Easier for us to do the Math :)

Pl find the link to the Climber's Facebook page below.



Director Marketing

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