Election of 1800

The selfish Federalist

If the Federalists control the government some of your rights will disappear.

The Federalist party wants to control you and your rights. Federalists do not want to add the 10 Amendments to the new Constitution which protects your rights. For example, the first amendment says that all citizens have the freedom of religion, speech, press, and assembly; right of petition. But the Federalists want to restrict freedom of speech and press.

Federalists want to be viewed as tyrants and the nation to be ruled by the wealthy

The Federalists want to become tyrants and to be superior over the states . They want to remove state's power to give the national government more power. The Federalists want government to be ruled by the wealthy. Unlike the Federalsts, Democratic-Republicans believe that all classes should be represented in government and not the rich. The Federalists will not give the middle class and the poor a chance to be involved or have any influence in government. We, the Democratic-Republicans, believe in very large numbers of representatives so the rich, the middle-income, and the poor will be represented fairly. When every income class is represented, the federal government will acknowledge the problems of all citizens.

Federalists still support Great Britain

The Federalist Party still supports Great Britain and maintains close ties. America just had a war with Great Britain, winning our independence. The Federalists also oppose France and the French Revolution. Now, Federalists want to go to war with France. We must consider that America cannot financially afford another war, but that France helped America with our revolution. We should not be fighting with France! Why is there a dispute between America and France when both countries are at odds with Great Britain? Should we not be an Alliance?
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