The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.

Who I Am

I am a lot of things. I can be lazy, funny, or annoying. Like everyone else I have my own interests, skills, values, self-esteem, learning style, etc. Some of my interests are: Xbox 360, math, science, pilots, dogs, and history. Some of my skills are: math, science, reading, English, playing trombone, and sports. I have about an equal amount of self-worth and insecurity. I am also a musical learner. I value honesty, competition, having a family, recognition, involvement, self respect, and meaningful work.

All of these things should be considered when deciding a career because if who you are does not match that job then it will not be a good fit for you.


My career as a pilot would include the transportation of people and goods on a fixed schedule. My annual salary would be about $103,210. The job outlook is 11% growth. The cluster my job is in is Transportation , Distribution, and Logistics. The work schedule is about 75 hours in air per month, 150 hours per month doing non-related flying duties, and I may have to work various schedules. The work environment is away from home a lot, have to cope with work related hazards, the stress of flying passengers, and possibly being in a union. Also, something interesting about my job is I get to travel all over the world.

How Do I Get There

The college I would like to go to would be Auburn University. It is located in Auburn, Alabama. I would go to this college because they have the program I would need to become a pilot. It is far from home. I would need a bachelor's degree in Professional Flight Management. The cost per hour at my college is $3,717.50. A couple of scholarships I might hope to qualify for are a Academic Scholarship, a Sports Scholarship in tennis, and a Musical Scholarship in band.