National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933


~The NIRA program intended to help businesses and workers.

~ This program was intended to boost declining prices, help businesses and workers,

create codes regulating wage, working conditions, productions, and prices.

Relief, Recovery, Or Reform?

The NIRA is Relief and Recovery.

Relief: Immediate assistance to help with basic necessities.

Recovery: Promote growth in American economy.


It worked out for a while, but eventually failed, It created higher wages, which in

turn made higher prices. Plus the codes were to harsh.

Understanding the Great Depression?

This helps understand how the government lowers the value of money during the time period, because people and businesses were losing money.


This program does not exist today, but parts of it do. For example, set

wages still exist.

I feel like it should not still be around today because if it started making people and businesses lose money, and didn't work out in the 1933 why would it now.

National Industrial Recovery Act

National Industrial recovery Act

This video shows the meaning of the NIRA, and what it did for the people. How Roosevelt wanted everything his way, making him gain more power of the people and businesses. Roosevelt made the NIRA as part of the New Deal. It allows to make laws and prices of business and people. The NIRA was made to intend help to the people.
Rise and Fall of the National Industrial Recovery Act