Media is affecting your grammar!

It's all the media's fault

By: Jorge Arts

Have you ever thought that every time you text, use slang terms, or abbreviations, you start misspelling more words level ? Many students, including myself, are struggling with grammar every time that we need to write a paper without the help of a device. Today, people are used to texting and using a variety of slang terms. When they are texting, they always wait for a red line to appear to see if they had misspelled a word, which decreases their spelling abilities. When people get to that point, they forget how to spell many words correctly because they count on an error corrector to tell them what they had misspelled. The media has gotten me to the point where I have to use a device to make sure that my grammar is correct whenever I am writing a paper or an essay. The result of a continuous ambition with texting is affecting my life by decreasing my spelling abilities, and I will attempt to solve this problem by writing a daily handwritten paper about my day.

Grammar is a really important concept that will affect everyone’s future. Every teenagers, including myself, think that using slang terms or misspelling some words is okay, but it's truly going to affect our results and first impressions. Grammar influences lots of important things such as applications for a job or an essay that you are writing for a class. In an article titled, “Fin Grammar? Maybe It’s Your Phone’s Fault”, “When Gina Babineaux, who works at the YMCA of the Greatest Houston, read the woman´s job application, she knew she wouldn't be calling for that woman in for an interview”(Potenza). Today, many people are not getting the Jobs that they were wishing for just because their grammar was not at the level the job required. In fact, according to a research made by Alessandra Potenza, many English teachers, college admissions and employers are finding a lot more grammar and writing mistakes than they used to do. This creates more applications being rejected because of their mistakes, therefore more people end without getting the job they wanted.

Writing a paper every day is a simple but really efficient way to help people with their writing, and it will eventually have several positive effects on their grammar. By having a continuous practice every day on writing things so simple as a brief summary of my day, I will have sufficient practice to get to the point where I don´t need to check my spelling. Writing words multiple times will help many other people and I, remember how to write an extensive variety words and it will get rid of any bad spelling created by the obsession with texting. With this daily practice I will be granted with a good spelled application for the moments when I decide to get a job, or have an accurately spelled paper for my classes. Good grammar will help many students and young adults getting to college or getting the job they had always work for. Grammar will always help me and other people look good and confident in front of important people in crucial situations that could affect my life.

Having a continuous practice every day will stop any ambitions that people and myself have in relation with texting, and it will have a positive effect over time on everybody's grammar. Solving these problem about grammar, caused by the media, will help all teenagers have a better future, and having a higher possibility of getting the job they always wanted. In fact, good grammar is one of the most important things that a person should acquire, and there is not a single decent job that doesn't take grammar as one of the priorities when choosing new employees.

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