Facts about the religion, Christianity

Main Beliefs

  • Christians believe god is represented in three forms, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • They consider Jesus the son of the Virgin Mary, came to earth to offer redemption for mankind's sins.
  • They say that after he was crucified he ascended into heaven.
  • They believe in an afterlife.

Scared text or writing

  • Christianity's sacred text is the Bible, a book consisting of the new and Old Testament.

Places of worship

Christians worship Jesus Christ in buildings called churches.

Religious leaders

  • Religious leader of each individual church is a priest
  • The religious leader of the Catholic Church, is the pope.
  • The current pope is Pope Francis

Holy days

  • Christmas- The believed day Jesus was born
  • Easter- The day Jesus Christ returned from the dead
  • Pentecost- 40 days after Easter. It is the coming of the Holy Spirit

History of Christianity

  • Began as an offshoot of Judaism
  • Believed that Jesus walked the Earth and offered redemption for sins.
  • Early Christians were prosecuted until Emperor Constantine made it the official religion of Rome.
  • There are different forms of Christianity today
  • Although Christianity is a minority in Middle East, 75% of Americans of Arab descent worship this.

Current state of Christianity

  • Over 2 billion practice it worldwide
  • Many countries practice this religion or other forms of it
  • Some of the most practiced places are the U.S, Canada, and countries in Europe.