Parent Newsletter

Macdonald Drive Junior High, January 2021

Dates to Remember

  • January 28 - Bell Let's Talk Day
  • January 29 - Chromebook Loan Agreement Forms are due
  • January 31 - Term 1 Ends
  • February 1 - Term 2 Begins
  • February 22-26 - Spirit Week
  • February 24 - Pink Shirt Day

Important Items

We need your help to make our school a better place

Please have a conversation with your child about these important issues:

  • We are hearing from MDJH parents that students are using social media platforms and text messaging to arrange times to exchange prohibited items like marijuana, vapes, and etc. Please take the time to have important conversations about this with your children and review their cell phones on a regular basis.

  • We are still receiving phone calls and emails from the community about the huge amount of litter in the park area between MDJH and Burger King. We are all part of this COMMUNITY. It is OUR world. Students travelling to and from the food establishments need to be respectful of their environment and NOT litter. The city of St. John's has added garbage bins and we continue to make daily announcements to our students about being a global citizen and making sure they throw their garbage into the bins. There have also been reports of students trespassing on neighboring properties. Please speak to your child about taking responsibility for their actions.

  • Chromebook Agreement Forms need to be returned before January 29. Please fill this out and return it to your child's homeroom teacher to ensure students receive a school Chromebook.

  • TERM 1 ends January 31. ALL work MUST be turned by end of term.

What's been going on...

Food Drive Gift Card Winner

Congratulations go out to Nate P. in Homeroom 9-2. Nate’s name was drawn on December 18 from all of those who participated in the Christmas Food Drive. He was awarded a $100.00 Best Buy gift card by Mr. Connolly, who headed up the Food Drive, and by school principal Ms. Pike.

Congratulations, Nate!

Science Fun!

How do you keep students interested on the last day before vacation? How about with some dry ice and electricity? Not at the same time, of course! Mme. Brunet handled the ice, Mr. Smith took on the shocking.

The Spirit of Giving at MDJH

Christmas Families

This year our Christmas Families program was able to help 42 families, the greatest number of families that we’ve supported yet!

We received/purchased over $4000 in gift cards from grocery stores to support our families. The money came from staff donations, local business donations, and in-school fundraisers like Friday ice cream sales.

We also had two families directly sponsored by local businesses, and that will help them have a very happy holiday season.

A huge Firework! to Ms. Watton for organizing this, and to Mr. Connolly and Ms. Quann for their assistance.

Christmas Food Drive

Our Christmas Food Drive was a tremendous success! Thank you to all who donated a non-perishable food item or grocery store gift card. Items were donated to the Gathering Place. Thanks to Mr. Connolly for organizing the drive and being the Man Behind The Mic!

Other Info

Daily Schedule

Please ensure you are on time for class. Here is the school schedule:

7:45 Doors Open

8:00 Warning Bell

8:05 – 8:12 Homeroom

8:13 – 9:10 Period 1

9:11 – 10:08 Period 2

10:08 – 10:23 Recess (on school grounds only)

10:24 – 11:21 Period 3

11:21 – 12:14 Lunch

12:10 Warning Bell

12:15 – 1:12 Period 4

1:13 – 2:10 Period 5

2:20 Busses Leave

Be Prepared

Always come to class prepared!

You need…

  • Something to write with
  • Something to write on - like an exercise book, or loose leaf
  • Other class materials - like textbooks, calculators, geometry sets, rulers, erasers

Please refresh all your supplies before term 2 starts.

Chromebook Update

Dear Student and Family,

The District is pleased to inform you that the first shipment of Chromebooks ordered for our Grades 7-12 students has arrived in our Labrador region. We anticipate delivery of the Chromebooks for the remaining regions early in the new year.

This is an exciting time for the District, as these devices will allow for new ways to enhance in-class teaching and learning; provide continuity of learning in the event in-class instruction is interrupted, and generally reinforce quality education by enabling learning opportunities and access to online educational resources from home.

This is also a great life learning opportunity for our Grades 7-12 students. Technology is embedded in the very fabric of almost all aspects of today’s society. Accepting responsibility for both the care of the physical device, and its appropriate use, creates a foundation for your remaining secondary education and your future.

To that end, there is a detailed agreement attached for signature by parents/guardians and the student accepting responsibility for the device entrusted to you by the District for the duration of your secondary education. While formal in appearance, the agreement is standard and simply ensures everyone is aware of the equipment provided to the student; the expectation of care and appropriate use, along with what costs the District – and potentially parents – may incur in the event of abuse or misplacement of the device. Please return the signed Chromebook Loan Agreement Form, or ask for a copy at the main office) to your child’s Homeroom teacher. These forms are due by January 29, 2021.

The Chromebook is to be returned to the school upon graduation/school-leaving, much like a textbook provided by the school. As you can appreciate, it is important that our future Grades 7-12 students are able to avail of these devices to enhance their education experience as well.

We hope you will embrace this exciting opportunity.


Updated COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire

Not sure if you need a COVID test or should just stay home? Follow the updated screening criteria.
PowerSchool Login

Keep up to date with student attendance and marks! If you need your PowerSchool password, please contact the main office at 753-8240.

MDJH Music

January Band Schedule

Big picture

MDJH Sports

Basketball Tryouts - B Teams

Grade 9 Boys

There will be a tryout for the Grade 9 Boys “B” Basketball Team on Saturday, January 23, from 9:00-10:30am at MDJH.

Grade 8 Boys

Tryouts for the Grade 8 Boys “B” team will take place this Saturday, January 16, from 9:00-10:30am at MDJH

Updated! Sports Practice Schedule

2:30-4:00pm – Grade 8 Boys Basketball
4:30-6:00pm – Grade 8 Boys Volleyball / Grade 7 Boys Volleyball

2:30-4:00pm – Grade 9 Boys Volleyball / Grade 9 Girls Volleyball (Team Walsh)
4:30-6:00pm – Grade 9 Girls Basketball

2:30-4:00pm – Grade 8 Girls Volleyball (Team Hassan) / Grade 9 Girls Volleyball (Team House)
4:30-6:00pm – Grade 7 Girls Volleyball (Team Foley) / Grade 7 Girls Volleyball (Team Goldsworthy)

2:30-4:00pm – Grade 7 Girls Basketball
4:30-6:00pm – Grade 7 Boys Basketball

2:30-4:00pm – Grade 9 Boys Basketball
4:30-6:00pm – Grade 9 Boys Volleyball / Grade 8 Girls Volleyball (Team Keough)

11:00-12:30pm – Grade 8 Girls Basketball
1:00-2:30pm – Grade 8 Girls Volleyball (Team Keough) / Grade 9 Girls Volleyball (Team Walsh)
3:00-4:30pm – Grade 9 Girls Volleyball (Team House)

Student Council News

Adopt a Senior Project - A Huge Success!

We would like to send out our gratitude to all who supported this project. This was by far the best year yet. We were able to provide 31 gifts for the seniors of St. Patrick's. In addition to the gifts, we donated numerous bags full of supplies for the powder rooms for use by all. These bags contained shampoo, body wash, razors, shaving cream - enough to last months! We also donated many cases of ginger ale, chocolates and candies for the lounge areas. The coordinators of this project at St. Patrick’s has asked that I pass along their thanks and appreciation for your generosity.

Pink Shirt Day is February 24

Anyone wishing to order a pink t-shirt for Pink Shirt Day can bring in $8 and give their size to their homeroom teacher. Deadline to order is January 25. Shirts will be available a week prior to Pink Shirt Day. Click here for a copy of the order form.

2020-2021 Yearbook

We are hoping to produce a yearbook again this year at MDJH. Any student, parent, or coach with a photo of any group in grades 7-9 is asked to please email a picture to If you are sending a picture from your phone, please be sure to select the option actual size to ensure good quality when uploading to the yearbook site.

2019-2020 Yearbooks

The 2019-2020 yearbooks have arrived and have been distributed to our grade 8 and 9 students who ordered one. The yearbooks have also been dropped off to Gonzaga for distribution to our former grade 9 students. There are a small number left over and are available for purchase. Please contact Madame Quann at if you are interested in purchasing a yearbook from last year.

Celebrate Student Success

We want to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of the students of MDJH. We have a Wall of Celebration where we will place a Certificate of Acknowledgement highlighting participation and success in a variety of activities. We want to know if your child has performed in any plays or musicals, or has been on a team that has won a title or has been recognized in any individual competition. We need your help with this. Please email with Celebrate YOUR CHILD’S NAME in the subject line.