The First Sewing Machine

Gabrielle Bennett

What The Sewing Machine Does

A Sewing Machine Is A Machine Used To Stitch Fabric And Other Materials Together with Thread. Sewing Machines Were Invented During The First Industrial Revolution To Decrease The Amount Of Manual Sewing Work Performed In Clothing Companies. Since The Invention Of The First Working Sewing Machine, Generally Considered To Have Been The Work Of Englishman Thomas Saint In 1790, Sewing Machine Has Greatly Improved The Efficiency And Productivity Of The Clothing Industry.

The Owner Elias Howe

Elias Howe Was Born In Spencer, Massachusetts On July 9, 1819. After He Lost His Factory Job In 1837, Howe Moved From Spencer To Boston, Where He Found Work In A Shop. It Was There That Elias Howe Began Tinkering with The Idea Of Inventing A Mechanical Sewing Machine.

A Picture Of The First Sewing Machine

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