Stay Alive Smoke and fly

By: Derek Baeten

i am for the use of recreational marijuana for alot of reasons. three of which are it cures glaucoma, stops cancer from spreading, relieves arthritis discomfort, and much much more.
some interesting facts about it are

  • more people use cannabis than all other illegal drugs combined
  • it was made illegal in the 1930's when cotton farmers lobbied against pot farmers because they just thought it would be competition for them
  • it was first discovered in 2727 B.C
  • it is already legal for recreational use in Colorado, and Washington state, but legal for medical use in 18 others
  • although some states may have it legal for certain purposes it is still however illegal at the federal level
  • the Declaration Of Independence was written on Hemp Paper
and those are just 6 of the many more.

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This topic gives me mixed emotions. because i strongly think it should be legal because it is a lot safer alternative to alcohol and in my opinion does more good than bad. Also i think people who use cannabis are criticized to much for "Doing Drugs" when basically everything is a drug. for example alcohol,tobacco,and caffeine are all drugs and nobody criticizes those people. and i dont really consider it a drug because when i think of drugs i think of people who make substances that give your body an altering effect, but cannabis is naturally made and has very few long term effects on your body. and its not like methamphetamine where it makes people go insane it just puts ur body into a happy state of high.
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So after you hearing this i strongly encourage you to not be so quick to judge people because just because you don't agree with it doesn't necessarily mean its a bad choice.
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