By Wayne Valiante



They're GROSS! Ecstasy,Marijuana,Methamphetamine,and Steroids are known as Stimulants.

  • Ecstasy- Clenching Teeth,grinding teeth, dangerously high body temperature

  • Marijuana-More carcinogens then cigarettes:kills brain cells

  • Steroids-
For Men-Testicles shrink, infertility,might have breasts
For Women-Growth of facial hair and/or chest hair, voice deepens
For Both Genders-Excessive acne,mood swings,paranoia

Would you like your testicles to shrink, or having a bigger beard than the boy you like.If you take Ecstasy you can clench your teeth so bad, they can break,but you wouldn't even notice.



When you feel sad when your an adult, you go get a drink. But bad things can happen, when you have a little bit to much.

  • GHB-Odorless,colorless,tasteless liquid;can cause a person to go unconscious

  • Barbiturates-1 out of every 10 people will die from a overdose

  • Alcohol-A very addictive deadly liquid that can kill very slowly

GHB looks very similar to water so if you leave your water on the table at a restaurant and didn't put a napkin over it. just ask for a new glass. If your an alcoholic,look up the side effects, it will change your life hopefully and you'll quit.



All the things you use to live you can die from too,Febreze,OxiClean,or Mr.Clean.Their all dangerous.

  • Household Products(Cleaning Supplies,Glues,Gasoline,Cooking Sprays,etc.)-
Slurred speech,Dizziness,Nausea/Vomiting,loss of consciousness,brain damage

Yep, all these things can get you sick, or even worse, kill you.



Would you like to be killed by something you stop taking even though you know your gonna die of it?

  • Heroin-HIGHLY ADDICTIVE;Feelings of a "rush" and then drowsiness;can lead to blood clots,organ failure and numerous diseases

Now you see how Heroin can kill you,try answering the question above.



Don't leave your water open at a buffet, you never know what somebody could of put in it.A

  • PCP-Very similar looking to water,Can cause you to do things that put your life in danger,Very mind altering,Also known as Angel Dust
  • LSD-Known as "acid" can also cause you to do things that put your life in danger
  • Ketamine-Mind altering,"Shrooms"

Any of these Drugs can put your life in Danger,Your mind is altered, You might see a pretty Unicorn on top of a mountain top,But Actually it's just a handicapped Hobo.

Now that you see what can happen to you if you take drugs, Would you still smoke 10 years from now when you read this,Or are you gonna quit now,It's your Choice,Death or A new Life.Good luck.

------------Drugs Are Dangerous------------

-------------Drugs Are Dangerous------------