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dedicated to making quality, handmade beauty products for stylish women

Sparrow beauty offers an ever-growing array of products for your beauty care needs. Each product is crafted by hand and uses the best materials available. Essential oils and fragrances are used to give scent and treat while various oils and butters moisturize your skin.

Face Scrubs

Our facial scrubs offer variety to match every skin type. Essential oils and gentle exfoliators polish, nourish & heal skin gently and without chemicals.

Body Scrub

Uses grape seed oil, vitamin e, coconut oil and sugar to polish your body. Customize your scrub with a variety of scents!

Polish & Shine Soap Bars

These bars are cleansing, moisturizing, and have a light scrub to polish your pretty from head to toe. Many scents available.


Retail prices:

Soap Scrub Bars $6

Body Scrubs (8 oz) $11

Face Scrubs (4 oz) $11

Wholesale Prices:

(To purchase at wholesale prices, you must purchase 10 or more of any one item.)

Soap Scrub Bars $38, $3.80 per bar

Body Scrubs $62, $6.20 per jar

Facial Scrubs $62, $6.20 per jar

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