About me in 8th grade

By: makayla moody

About me

I'm in 8th grade and 13 years old my favorite thing to do at home is to hang out with my family and read. My favorite elections in school is computers, yearbook and band. My favorite classes are science, history,and reading.

Famly / friends

My sisters name is Alyssa

My moms name is Carol and my step-dads name is Chris

and i have one pet and is is a bunny and his name is Smokey.

My best friends are raven new, kamern, Britnney,and Smantha, these are my best friends forever.

Some words that describe me

  1. bashful
  2. gracious
  3. summer
  4. very playful
  5. vet
  6. love animals
  7. sister
  8. have little sister
  9. chocolate
  10. light blue

My favorite movie/ book

My favorite movie is heaven is for real and my book is there's a monster at the end of this book which is a little kids book but i love it anyways.

Places i been that impacted me

The place that impacted me was Ripley's Belive it or not in Dallas TX because i always read there books and loved them and so when i went there it was a dream come true.


My dream is to be a vet or work somewhere with animals because my whole life i loved pets and i have one myself which is a bunny. But if it don't work out i want to work at six flags or pet smart or the mall.