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Watch Friends Online and Know the Characters

If you are addicted to watching serials on TV you have probably heard about Friends. Nowadays people watch Friends online to renew their interest with those people who somewhat became a part and parcel of their lives.

As you take a couch and sit in front of your computer to watch the 6 friends talk about their lives and love you will surely be tempted to fall in love with them again. And if you are new to the Friends here is a quick guide to those awesome and memorable characters that so entertained us.

Rachel Karen Green – played by Jennifer Aniston, she is a fashion enthusiast and the best friend of another character, Monica. She is also involved in a relationship with Monica’s brother Ross. She used to work as waitress at a coffee house but later on became an assistant buyer at Bloomingdale’s. She had a daughter with Ross later on.

Monica Geller – played by Courteney Cox, she is an obsessive and compulsive person. She is also the sister of Ross and the best friend of Rachel. She is a chef and later on marries longtime friend Chandler. Her apartment used to be a hangout spot.

Phoebe Buffay – played by Lisa Kudrow she is a masseuse and also a musician. She is street smart but sings folk music badly and her twin sister is evil. She also becomes a surrogate mother for her brother’s kids.

Joey Tribbiani – Matt LeBlanc played beautifully the character of a food lover and a struggling actor. He has had many girlfriends but later on develops a crush on Rachel. If you watch Friends online you would come to know more about him.

Chandler Bing – he is an involved in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration and is known for sarcasms and sense of humor. He marries his friend Monica later on and adopts twins. Played by Matthew Perry.

Ross Geller – played by David Schwimmer, he is a PhD in paleontology and the brother of Monica. Later on he marries Rachel and becomes a professor at New York University. Watch Friends online to know these characters more.