Lovely microphones

By Yasmin Lopez


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Lovely microphones

My business produces microphones and microphone containers!!! The microphones will be personally decorated and be accustomed to the customer’s desires. No assembly required, but if parts are to be detached, instructions will be included for re-assembly.

Yasmin lopez

As a 12 year old i still have a long way to go but i know that i just love singing and i want everyone else to enjoy it. I was inspired from the best artists today in the music industry and well I want everyone else to feel the excitement from singing.

-I felt like my creativity just spread around this project and I decided for my product to be microphones and containers for the microphones which will both be designed to customer’s desires.

Our Prices are Amazing!!

Now instead of $40.00-$50.00, We are offering $30.00-$40.00!! May be a limited time offer!!!

Remember it's to your specialty and uniqueness that we make these for you!

Items of business

Our items of business include the space and volume of our containers. Once again, it will depend on your liking of the box to be small, medium, or big.
Volume for spheres, cylinders, and cones

Formulas on the volume of spheres, cylinders, and cones. Review and new topics and more.

1st item of business

Volume shows you how much space is occupied by any 3D object.

When the three sides are multiplied together, the product will be your end result, which is the volume of the 3-D object. The basic volume formula that is used most often is length x width x height.

2nd item of business

The area of a circle can be found by multiplying pi (3.14) to the squared radius of a circle.

If you already know the diameter of circle, then the radius will be half as large.

It is important to not use the diameter when finding the area of a circle or any other object because squaring the radius is not the same as using the diameter itself.

3rd item of business

Volume formulas

Spheres: (4/3) * pi * r^3

Cones: (1/3) * b * h = 1/3* pi * r^2 * h

Cylinders: pi*r^2*h

    A- If a cone and a cylinder had the same dimensions, the volume of the cone would be 1/3 the volume of the cylinder, even if the dimensions were the same.


The volume of a cone is shown as only 1/3 of the cylinder even with the same dimensions. It takes 3 cones to build a cylinder.

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4th item of business

A circumscribed cylinder is the cylinder of dimensions that touches the sphere at points, but does not cut off any part of it.

The volume of a sphere is 4/3*Pi*r^3, and the volume of the circumscribing cylinder is 2*pi*r^3.

therefore, any sphere has 2/3 the volume of it's circumscribing cylinder.

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5th item of business

1. The manager of a perfume store has ordered new perfumes and needs to know their volume to figure out in what part of the store to put them. One was a cone shape, another was a sphere shape, and the last was a cylinder. Each bottle has a radius of 4.5 cm and the cylinder and cone both have a height of 9 cm. Find the volume for all three perfumes to help the manager figure out where to put the bottles.

(Use 3.14 for pi)

Solution: cylinder:pi×4.52×274.32 =17451.484358838 centimeter^3

Cone:1/3×pi×4.52×274.32 =5817.1614529461 centimeter^3

Sphere:4/3×pi×4.53=381.70350741116 centimeter^3

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  1. Lilly was running on the sidewalk with her drink in a cylinder cup, but she ran so fast that she didn't see a small rock and tripped over. The whole drink spilled, Lilly wanted her drink so she decided to find the volume of the cup and then she would be able to pour herself the same amount of the drink into her cup. She measured the cup and found the measurements. The radius is 3 cm, and the height of the cup is 12.55 cm. What is the volume of the cup? (Use 3.14 for pi

  2. Solution:pi×32×12.55 =354.84289022297 centimeter^3

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