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One of the most satisfying things do with a remote control

First Person View Goggles Make RC Helicopters Even More Fun to Fly

One of the most satisfying things to do with a remote controlled helicopter, quadcopter, or drone is to take aerial photographs. The perspectives that can be gained this way would otherwise normally require flying in a full-sized aircraft, an expensive and inconvenient proposition.

This, in fact, is one of the biggest reasons for the great surge in popularity of the RC hobby in recent years. Especially as more people have become more interested in photography generally, thanks in large part to the present-day ubiquity of smart phones with integrated digital cameras, they have discovered just how much more rewarding RC aircraft can make it.

In fact, an rc helicopter camera can be put to some even more impressive and exciting uses, too. One of the most interesting of these is the use of drone fpv goggles to watch through the lens of a camera while a drone or RC helicopter is in flight.

To some people, this is bound to sound like science fiction, but the fact is that setups of this kind are now extremely affordable and accessible. Good first-person view goggles can now be had for under two hundred dollars, putting them well within the reach of the average RC hobbyist.

Naturally enough, not all such accessories are create equal. For example, goggles differ as to the resolution of the images they provide, and this can make a big difference. While an overly low resolution on a PC monitor or television can be annoying or distracting, the same deficit when the screen in question is an inch or less from the eyes can be much more troubling. In fact, screens that lack enough resolution can even cause dizziness or headaches in some users, making this an important point to research.

Goggles also range in terms of how quickly their built-in displays refresh. While this issue presents less in the way of potential troubles than resolution, a display that is too slow will look blurry when in use. That can really detract from the immersion that FPV goggles are capable of providing, so it is also an important consideration. In practice, those, most of the popular displays on the market today excel in both of these respects, which is why so many people are coming on board with this new development.