Supreme Court Case

#2 Amendment - Right to bear arms


18 March, 2008 (part 1)

On March 18th, 2008 so that he may keep a handgun in his home, a special police officer from Washington D.C. applied for a handgun licence. He was denied the right to have a gun in his home by the District Of Columbia. He took the case to the Supreme Court of The United States, after he in turn filed a law suit against the state.

18 March, 2008 (part 2)

After Dick Heller filed a law suit, against the District of Columbia Saying that it was his right to have a gun since it was in the second amendment. For him and the rest of the state were not allowed to own hand guns, for The District or Columbia had a gun ban and could not keep them in their home. He wanted to make sure the especially police officers would not have to get a gun registration along with every one else.

THE TIDES CHANGE - Supreme Court responds

1 April, 2008

What happened was that the D.C. circuit shifted and the case turned In Dick Heller's favor. The result of the court was (5-4.) The Supreme Court said that the total ban on guns went against the constitution. The subject to change was Washington D.C. because they said that all guns in the home were banned. They should not be banned for owning a gun and if you own a gun people were entitled to registered.

1 May, 2008

The Supreme Court ruled that having gun's in the home was part of the constitution.

Protection against, robberies, or anyone else is why guns would be needed in the home. For his own protection for himself, and his family, police officers should especially be allowed to have a gun in their home.


28 June, 2008

Everyone in the state as well as Dick Heller who wanted to own a gun, were also banned from owning one as well making life difficult for gun lovers, and owners. The Supreme Court, announced to The District Of Columbia that the " special cop" should be able to have a gun in their home. Not allowing a gun in their home would be against someone especially a cop. It even goes against both the constitution and the second amendment.

My Opinion

I agree with the Supreme Courts decision to let Dick Heller and the District of Columbia keep handguns in their home. I would want a way to protect my self if someone came into my home and tried to take me, my family, etc. Guns can not fire on their own. People should not be so worried for guns as they should be for cars. People get drunk and then drive their car home. That is when wrecks happen.

What is the Supreme Court

The court has been around since 1790 in New York city. Their are nine justices who have the highest authority. Justices are appointed, but can also be impeached if they break a rule. In recent years, the court has receive some 10,000 annual requests to review cases, but only hears only about 80.