Three In Two

Spend 2 quick minutes exploring 3 cool websites.

This Month, we are still working on resumes, cover and thank you letters. We continue to work on Google Cultural Institute, and Google Lit Trips. If anyone has any suggestions on some tools that they may need please let me know. Thank you for your support in the Media Center. Hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season. If you would like to investigate the websites below please click on the blue bar which gives you a link.
Awesome Screenshot

Use to copy all kind of images for students such as how to instructions, has a delay capture so it captures what you are doing. It is also a Google Chrome Extension in the Chrome Web Store and it is free.

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Zygote Body

In true 3D, view muscles and bone combinations to easily learn origins and insertions. View joints, organs, or systems to learn how the body works. There is a free version on male/female anatomy with all anatomical systems included.

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Bring presentations to life. Even the simplest topics gain zest and energy though animated video.

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