By Maggie 3A


The echidna is an Australia native mammal.

Its scientific name is tachyglossus aculeatus

An echidna is a monotreme.

Echidnas are very spiky. They have no fur or spikes when they at birth.

Echidnas live in semiarid areas, mountains, heathland, forests and wood lands.

Echidnas are 15 millimetres and weigh only 3 grams.

Echidnas mate between June and September.

An echidna will probably die if it gets crashed by a car or if there is a lot of pollution.

Echidnas eat beetles, worms, termites, ants and larvae.

Echidnas’ predators are dingos, foxes, feral, dogs, cats and pigs.

An echidna is a very interesting animal to learn about.